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3 Practical Uses for Partitions

“WHAT’S IN THE BOX??!!??” – A famous quote screamed by Brad Pitt’s character in the movie ‘Seven’.


But seriously, what is in there? In the movie, we never actually see what’s inside Kevin Spacey’s cardboard shipping box. However, since General Partition Company, Inc. believes in transparency and honesty with our clients, we are happy to tell you what should be in the box.


When it comes to partitions, there are a few different options for dividing goods inside a box. That is why we design and manufacture a variety of high-quality chipboard partitions and corrugated box partitions.  All of our products are 100% eco-friendly. All of the polycoated chipboard is made from recyclable material to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment.


Whether you manage a warehouse, own a business, or like to maintain a neat home, there are many practical uses for these products. Here’s three:



  • Shipping – If you or your company sell products, chances are you also ship them. Assuring that the recipient gets their goods in pristine condition will lead to repeat business. Customizing the right partitions for your product can also be extremely beneficial for cutting down cost by fitting more items inside each box. 
  • Moving – Whether you are headed off to college or moving to a different city for a new job opportunity, this event can be exciting yet stressful. The mover rate in the US has been about 12% in each of the last few years. Relocating your belongings in a safe manner is a main priority. You don’t want to break any family heirlooms in the process.

    Utilizing the right chipboards to dive your possessions will result in a smooth transition. There are different calibers (thicknesses) to choose from. Larger calibers create protection for heavy, fragile items while thin calibers will suffice for many standard goods.
  • Organizing – After moving, it can become overwhelming where to store all of your (awesome) junk. Many people save the partitions to conveniently arrange items ranging from toolkits, arts & craft sets, fishing accessories, office storage, or random garage/closet knick-knacks.

We hope this helped clarify what should be in the box. Now that you realize the versatility of dividers, you should check out to find the correct partition for your needs. Free quotes are available online or by calling 888-501-4685 today. If you prefer email, please reach out to anytime!

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