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4 Advantages of SBS Partitions

Are you looking for a reliable packaging material that will keep your fragile items safe during shipment? Solid bleach sulfite partitions, also known as SBS partitions, are bleached versions of chipboard that provide many advantages in the shipping process. At General Partition Company, Inc., we provide high-quality chipboard and partitions for a diverse range of customer needs.

Why SBS partitions?

Our team knows that you want your products to survive their unpredictable shipment journey, which is why we offer SBS partitions to facilitate the process. SBS partitions can help you complete the packing process without anxiety because these dividers are created to keep your items safe. In case you’re interested in SBS partitions, we have four advantages of using them that might convince you to give them a try.

  1. Smoother surface

One of the advantages of using SBS partitions is that they are smoother and cleaner than non-SBS partitions. For people who need to complete a high volume of printing, SBS partitions are ideal. If you’re looking for box partitions that will give you something other than the texture found on, for example, standard corrugated partitions, then SBS partitions might be worth trying.

  1. Varied calibers

Another advantage to using SBS partitions in your packaging materials is that SBS partitions come in a wide range of calibers and finishes. All customers have unique project needs, so it’s important that they have a wide range of options to meet them. SBS partitions can be utilized in interior box packaging applications. You can also use SBS for pads and specialty die cuts.

  1. Choice of finishes

The varied finishes of SBS include clay coat, poly coat, and milk board. Each of these finishes provides lint control, and they are preferred by customers who want to eliminate scratching or scuffing in the shipment process. SBS box dividers are a great choice for people who want to take their shipping materials to the next level by taking advantage of these qualities.

  1. Great for awkward sizes

SBS partitions are suitable for products that have awkward shapes or sizes. At General Partition Company, Inc., our SBS partitions can be sized to fit any box. In addition, our engineers take pride in offering customized packs as well.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing SBS partitions, contact us at 1-888-501-4685.

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