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The Benefits of Using Box Partitions When Shipping Items

Do you really need to use box partitions when shipping goods? It’s a question most retailers who ship en masse find themselves asking. Everyone is looking to cut costs – however, removing box partitions from your shipping standards can cause you to lose out on a few benefits that your customers depend on you for. Some of the benefits of using box partitions include:

  • Protection from breakage. The most obvious reason to use box partitions when shipping is to prevent your goods from being cracked or otherwise damaged during shipping. Let’s face it – packages take a pretty good beating during shipping. Boxes can be dropped, thrown around, and improperly secured, even if you indicate that the items are fragile. Wrapping your items in newspaper or another coating can help, but using polycoated chipboard partitions is the most effective method to prevent breakage because it ensures that the items are not able to smack against one another during a quick shift in movement. Remember – any damaged item is money lost from your pocket, as replacing items damaged during shipping is usually the seller’s responsibility.
  • Prevention of dirtying. Using box partitions also has the benefit of keeping your items from getting dirtied during shipment. If allowed to roll around during shipment, items (particularly those made of glass) can pick up fibers from cardboard moving containers. The result is an item that is dirty upon arrival; using a box partition can help to avoid this fate.
  • Saving room in your shipping containers. Wrapping your items in newspaper causes them to take up more room in the shipping container, causing you to spend more on shipping. Using a partition helps your employees to organize your items before shipping, and helps you to save money by maximizing space inside containers. Using partitions not only helps to save room – it can help your employees better organize products being shipped, meaning you save time as well.

Here at General Partition Company, Inc., we offer box partitions of all types. In fact, we’ve been in the business for the past 50 years! If you need something to protect your items during shipping, you can turn to us. Give us a call at 1-888-501-4685 for more information.

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