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The Most Commonly Damaged Items Broken During Shipping

Did you know that one in every ten items purchased online arrives broken to the customer? Even if you mark your package as “fragile,” there is a large chance that it will take some amount of mishandling or impact during the shipment process. If you or your business ships items to customers in bulk, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to best pack your items to survive the ride to your customers’ doorsteps – especially if you’re shipping one of the most commonly damaged items!


  • Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments, especially small glass bulbs and fragile icicles, commonly knock against one another during shipping and can be especially prone to cracks and breaks. Because most people order a large set of them at once, it’s wise to invest in a set of chipboard partitions to keep ornaments separated and away from one another during the shipping process.


  • Glasses and coffee mugs. Like Christmas ornaments, mugs and glasses are fragile, and they frequently knock against one another in their shipping container, leading to breakage. Investing in a sturdy set of box dividers will help to keep your items from bumping up against each other.


  • Electronic items. Electronics, including cameras, game systems, and laptops are some of the most challenging items to ship. Not only are they large and awkwardly shaped, they’re also very fragile and don’t stand up well to pressure. Make sure to pack them up tightly in their own individual boxes every time you ship.


  • Many businesses believe that if an item isn’t glass, it cannot be damaged during shipment. This is not true – artwork can easily scratch or damage during shipment, so make sure to protect any piece of fine art with a box partition or by keeping it in its own box.


When you’re shipping these items, make sure to use box partitions to keep them safe, safe, and well-protected! To learn more about our partition products, contact our team at General Partition Company, Inc. at 1-888-501-4685.


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