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The Secrets of Chipboard


One of the most popular material choices out there for partitions is chipboard, but why? Well, you’re about to find out, because this month’s blog is all about chipboards and why they’re such a versatile material when it comes to protecting your products.


What Is It, Exactly?

Chipboard is what we call paperboard that’s been made from reclaimed paper stock.


What Kinds of Partitions Does It Suit?

As far as partitions go, one of the reasons why chipboard is such a great material is that it can be very flexible without decreasing the packaging strength. It can also be made in a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes, which makes it easier to create just the right one-of-a-kind partition to fit the unique needs of every product. That means chipboard as a material suits almost any partition need – with the exception of special requirements like ESD protection.

They can also be made with special features like locking dies  and different size thumb notches for easy access and removal, and corner cuts. All of these additional features make chipboard partitions incredibly versatile.


What Is So Great About Chipboard Partitions?

Well, quite a few things, actually – in addition to their versatility as a partition material. For example, like we mentioned earlier, all chipboard material is made from 100% recyclable material, which makes it a very eco-friendly product. For the same reason, chipboard is also a very cost-effective material, especially when compared to materials like corrugated cardboard and expensive foam alternatives.

And if that doesn’t have you excited, we should also mention that perhaps the best thing about chipboard partitions is the reduced storage space they provide. They are always transported in a “collapsed” state, meaning that they have been assembled, but collapsed after assembling in a way that serves to reduce the space they need and makes it easy to reassemble them by simply lifting them up.


That’s the gist of it when it comes to chipboard partitions, but there’s plenty of details and a large amount of features and variations we could have gone into further detail about. So, if you’re interested in chipboard partitions or chipboard layer pads, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote!


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