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Getting to know ESD Partitions

It’s the end of the year and we want to wish all of our loyal customers a wonderful New Year. 2015 had its ups and downs for us, as the business side of things was great, but we also lost our company founder, James Houseman Sr.

For 2016, we have a lot of interesting plans in the works and as the end-of-the-year post we thought we would share one of them: becoming a bigger maker of ESD partitions. It’ll be one of our biggest goals for the next year, so we wanted to share a little bit of info on what ESD products are and what they are made for.

What is ESD?
ESD is short for electrostatic discharge, or in more practical terms, it’s static electricity that’s created when two objects come into contact. You probably have personal experience with this if you’ve ever been “zapped” by a metal doorknob or clothes that have been in the dryer.

What Are ESD Partitions?
There are a lot of products from shoes and gloves to tables and partitions that are needed in the manufacture of electronics to protect the procedure from ESD. Basically, what we call static electricity can ruin electric components like microchips, which are particularly vulnerable during manufacturing. That’s why factories that manufacture electronics have to use products specifically designed not to conduct electrostatic discharge.

An important part of those products are ESD partitions, which can protect electronics from ESD during both manufacture and transportation. For example, ESD protected partitions will allow for safe moving of items like microchips both within the factory and from factory to factory, which is crucially important since the costs involved in replacing large amounts of high-tech components are obviously significant.

As one of the leading providers of products like box partitions, we feel that ESD partitions are an important part of our commitment to being able to provide our customers solutions to all their partitions needs. So, in 2016, please stay tuned for our updates on ESD products and other developments. We think it’s going to be another great year and we hope that the excellence of our products will help you and your company have a great 2016, too.

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