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How You Help Save the Environment by Choosing Chipboard Packaging

You may not consider yourself a tree-hugger, or even environmentally-friendly, but as the saying goes – it’s better late than never! As more and more companies understand that environmental sustainability is not only crucial to the environment but also critical to the well-being of their business, they are looking for new and better ways that they can help take part in saving the environment little by little.

At General Partition Company, Inc., we choose to be eco-friendly not only for ourselves but also for you – our customers. In fact, one of the reasons why we stand apart from our competitors is that we choose our products, including chipboard partitions and other chipboard packaging, to be made from 100% recyclable materials and also be recyclable themselves. Here’s how you can help save the environment by choosing chipboard packaging:

It’s recyclable – Yes, as we previously mentioned, chipboard packaging is a recyclable material, even being considered among one of the most widely recycled materials on planet earth. Recycling is one of the most effective ways to save the environment as it has a “ripple effect” that reduces the amount of energy and resources needed to make other materials.

It’s made from renewable materials – Chipboard packing is typically made from renewable materials, which is what makes it so recyclable in the first place. Most of the packaging is made from either birch or pine tree pulp, which are types of trees that are easy to grow in a large range of environments, and they’re also fast-growing in comparison to other types of trees.

It’s energy-efficient to make – Chipboard packaging is made with a high percentage of recycled materials, which reduces the amount of energy needed to make these boxing solutions. Since they’re also developed using locally available materials (air and tree pulp), this also reduces the transportation costs.

We’ve been in the partition business for more than 50 years, which means that we’re constantly looking for ways to increase environmental sustainability. The best part is – you can join us in the quest for a healthier environment. To learn more about our chipboard layer pads and other materials, contact us at 1-888-501-4685.

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