Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.



Chipboard is a very adaptable box partition material that can be used to fit any number of customer packaging needs. Chipboard partitions have the ability to be extremely flexible while providing considerable packaging strength. Chipboard partitions come in a variety of calibers (thicknesses) and finishes to maximize the protection of the customer’s product. LEARN MORE

SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfite)

Solid Bleach Sulfite, or SBS, combines all the benefits of Chipboard plus contains a unique coating that provides any number of advantages. This material is a bleached white board. SBS is available in an array of different calibers and finishes. LEARN MORE

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated is a very unique material, having features unlike that of Chipboard and SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfite). Its strength and durability is unmatched, which makes corrugated especially designed for large, bulky products. Corrugated partitions also have tremendous stacking strength.  LEARN MORE