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What Separates the Good Box Partitions From the Bad?



Believe it or not, all box partitions are not created equal. Partitions must be properly designed using high quality materials to protect your product the way it deserves to be protected. A good partition protects the items that you’re shipping throughout the entire process, while a bad partition might let it get cracked or broken.

At General Partition Company, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing you with not only good box partitions but the best box partitions. We have a passion for making sure your items are properly separated and secured the whole way through. Here are three ways to separate the good box dividers and partitions from the bad:

  • Scratch-resistant – It’s important to keep your items scratch free as they’re being shipped to their destination. This is especially true for glass and plastic bottles with labels. Box partitions that are designed properly using the correct material for the specific product prevent damage caused by friction. When an improper board choice or cell size is made it can result in rub off and scratching due the movement of the product during shipping. At General Partition Company, Inc., we provide partitions that are properly designed using boards from regular chipboard to poly-coated and wax coated boards to keep the scratches away.
  • Durable – Perhaps the most important of all, box partitions must be durable. The chipboards, corrugated partitions, SBS partitions, and interior box packaging are all incredibly durable and are tested to ensure they have the strength to keep the products from becoming broken or cracked. They have the ability to accommodate a large variety of products, including glassware and all kinds of perishables.
  • Custom made – Box partitions that are personalized make for a much better experience. We create dividers, separators, and more that will fit your specific needs to ensure the best protection for you. Although it may seem easier, the one-size fits all approach used by some protective packaging companies can do more harm than good.

Those are a few ways to separate the good box partitions from the bad. We understand that you put a lot of time, work, and effort into manufacturing your product, and you don’t want it to get broken while being shipped. To learn more about our quality box partitions and dividers, contact us at 1-888-501-4685.

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