Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.


Planning & Engineering

Regardless of whether you are new to packaging or a pro – General Partition offers a wealth of knowledge relating to product packaging. The designers and packaging engineers at General Partition are ready to help you with your next packaging project.

Already have an existing packaging design? Then why not let General Partition give you a competitive price quote.


In today’s economic environment, staying competitive means closely controlling your inventories and working with vendors who are capable of working with your production schedule and the occasional material supply shortfall. General Partition is a supply partner you can count on. Working with your production team, General Partition will play an integral role by helping to ensure materials are available when needed.

To make sure our products get to you in a timely manner, General Partition can provide quick shipments via common carrier or our own delivery fleet.


General Partition offers competitive partition assembly services using either automated or manual processes. Need special printing and labeling to ensure proper routing within your manufacturing process? General Partition offers a wide variety of custom printing and labeling options.