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How to Ship Christmas Ornaments in Bulk

If you run a business that frequently ships out large numbers of Christmas tree ornaments, then you probably already know that these fragile decorations are one of the most commonly broken items in America. Shipping out Christmas ornaments requires taking special care to make sure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and unharmed. Take our advice and use these tips to avoid any breakage when shipping your ornaments!

  • Keep them separated. Using corrugated partitions are particularly useful when shipping bulb ornaments or those made of glass. The number one way that ornaments break over the course of shipment is by bumping up against the unprotected wall of the cardboard box they are being moved in, or into another fragile ornament. Partitions will help to keep your ornaments safe by preventing them from cracking one another.
  • Prevent movement during shipment. When shipping ornaments, it’s important to keep them from moving around too much, as this can cause cracking and breakage. When packing your ornaments, check the size of the cells in your interior box packaging and make sure that your ornaments fit snugly in each cell without being overly squeezed. If you find that your ornaments have too much room to move within their cell, try using chipboard partitions to lower the risk of damage during shipment.
  • Don’t pack clay in advance. If you make your living selling Christmas ornaments and you have a particularly popular style, it can be tempting to pre-package large numbers of them to get orders filled more quickly. However, ornaments made of clay have a tendency to absorb the moisture from cardboard packaging, causing a buildup of mold if left alone for too long. In order to keep your ornaments hygienic, make sure to avoid packaging ornaments made of clay in advance of purchase.

If you’re looking for more tips on keeping your things safe during shipping, visit us online at for more information! We have a wide variety of box partitions, and we’ll find the right product for you no matter what you’re shipping. To learn more about our box dividers and separators, give us a call at 1-888-501-4685.

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