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Some Facts on the Materials within Our Partitions

Every year, we’ve grown into a newer, better company for our clientele, and we have been doing this for over 50 years now. Each year, we further develop our materials and techniques moving into creating more cost-efficient, durable and effective box partitions for a wide variety of industries. Right now, we’re going to provide a bit of in-depth information on the types of materials we use for our shipping projects.  Anyone asking about the types of materials we offer for shipping and what the advantages are to each one will find what they are looking for right here in this blog.

What is Chipboard and Why Use It?

We manufacture our chipboard partitions with the utmost of care and precision. Sometimes called “fiberboard”, this product is a paper based material typically measuring at a thickness of .024 mm – .200 mm.  Creating this material involves the use of recycled paper products.  The materials are screened and all hazardous materials and metals are removed. The materials are then turned into a pulp which is placed on felt and heated until dry. The board is then cut to the desired width. Chipboard partitions can often replace corrugated partitions, while remaining a fraction of the price. Chipboard is frequently used in the packaging industry, because of how durable it is, combined with the fact that there are so many different applications that it can be used for. This is one of the main reasons that we use this product for many of our box partitions.

Chipboard can be crafted to various thicknesses or calibers, entirely dependent on the needs that it is being used to address. Typically, higher caliber boards are used with products that need extra protection due to weight or fragility. Chipboard is also produced in many different finishes such as polycoated or smooth. Using these types of finished chipboard box partitions eliminates problems with scratching and damaged labels, while still remaining cost effective. Chipboard is a very versatile, durable solution for box partitions, as well as other packaging projects.

Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS) Partitions – What Are They and Why Use Them?

Solid Bleach Sulfite Partitions combine the best of both worlds – the durability, and versatility of chipboard along with the clean look provided by the white color of this material. Extra protection is provided through unique coatings and features. Our SBS Partitions are manufactured to specifically accommodate the needs of each project. SBS Partitions are available in a variety of “finishes” such as poly coated, clay coated, milk board and more. The thicknesses ranging from .018” to .024”. On a side note, all of our boards are in stock, every day, all day.

SBS is available in a wide variety of finishes to serve a vast assortment of implementations and requirements. These finishes result in very clean looking partitions that are optimal for shipping pharmaceutical, food and other sensitive products. Each finish is scratch resistant and non-absorptive, which controls the growth of microorganisms and introduction of contaminants to the product.

Our Poly Coat and Milk Board style SBS Partitions are water, stain and grease resistant, making them the preferred choice for shipping food items. Anyone wondering what the best options are for shipping food nationwide are urged to check out our selection of SBS partitions. We also sport a great selection of features with our SBS Partitions, including special partition slot styles, like “V” notches, locking dies, half-moon dies and “S” Notches. Each of these offer different levels of security and shaping to accommodate many different styles of products.

SBS Partitions from General Partition Company come collapsed and pre-assembled. We offer SBS Partitions of varying shapes and sizes, from as small as 1 inch long to as large as 36 inches, and sometimes more depending on the needs of our customer, so ask us today about our SBS Partitions.

Corrugated Partitions

This is a standard product that we see being used every day in shipping, though it should be reserved for extremely heavy and large projects that chipboard cannot accommodate. High-quality, thick corrugated cardboard partitions offer superior shock and crush resistance as well as great absorption. Their superior stacking strength allows for these partitions to be built bigger and stacked upon each other.

We refer to our variations of thickness as “Flutes.” Our most typical fluting is “B” and “C” flutes, as well as “Double Wall” fluting. Double Wall fluting combines the thickness of both B and C fluting to create a truly strong and versatile product. We measure the thickness and strength and use that to determine the appropriate style of corrugated partition for our valued clients.

We have many different features related to our corrugated partitions including specialty construction and customizable arrangements. Contact us today to figure out if corrugated partitions are the right choice for your packaging needs.

Looking for the Best Shipping Options Nationwide? Choose General Partition Company!

We have comprehensive, personalized shipping solutions for a wide variety of businesses and industries. Whether you are a brewery, a distillery, a florist, a parts manufacturer or even a manufacturer of fine glassware, we have the right partitions to ensure your product ships safe and sound, without having to worry about it being seized by postal services for being damaged, leaked through or shoddy. Reach us nationwide today at 1.888.501.4685—we proudly design and manufacture all sorts of partitions – ask us for more information today.

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