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General Partition Company Founder James Houseman Sr. Passes Away


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of General Partition Company founder and friend to us all, James Houseman Sr. He passed away on June 26th, leaving a legacy that most men can only dream of. The staff at General Partition Company could not be more grateful for the sacrifices and hard work that James put into building this company.


I am lucky enough to have known James on a both business as well as a personal level, as he was my Grandfather-in-Law. I can honestly say that I cannot think of a more influential person in my life than him. As a young and inexperienced salesman I was blessed to have him as a source for the best advice in every situation. What I will always remember about James is how he always made the time to answer the many questions I had and was always happy to do it. Even though he was our employer, he treated us all as his friends.


James was not only a role model to those who knew him, he was “The Role Model”. That is said about many people but I cannot think of a more genuine person to have looked up to than James Houseman Sr. I still marvel at all that this man was able to accomplish in his time here on Earth. James took a chance when he started this company in a one-room shop in Philadelphia; he wanted more for his family and he put everything he had into making his dream a reality. He turned a two-man operation into one of the best Box partition manufacturers in the country. General Partition Company is now based out of a 30,000 square foot facility in Croydon PA and employs more than 35 men and women. That is an amazing accomplishment! Even though he was successful he was never boastful, rather he was very modest. He lived a disciplined life through faith in God and hard work. He instilled his morals in those closest to him, and did so by leading by example. James was a helping hand to us all at one point or another, because he cared. He always had a big smile and hello for me when I saw him, and a snappy catchphrase to go with them! That is how we will remember him.


General Partition Company has always been a family-run business and James’ two sons will continue the work that their father started over 50 years ago. Richard Houseman Sr. is now officially the company president, and James Houseman Jr. works on the production side of the company, making sure our products meet the standards set forth by their Father. Richard’s son Richard Jr. oversees production and quality control. James Sr. was lucky enough to have seen his only daughter get married and to meet his great grandson Richard Allen Houseman the 3rd, who was born just before James’ passing. His great grandson will carry on the Houseman name.


James lived a full and happy life. He will be missed by us all and his legacy will live on through his Family.


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