Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.



Chipboard is a very adaptable box partition material that can be used to fit any number of customer packaging needs. Chipboard partitions have the ability to be extremely flexible, while providing considerable packaging strength. Chipboard partitions come in a variety of calibers (thicknesses) and finishes to maximize the protection of the customer’s product. Customer products and specifications will dictate what caliber and finishes are best. Chipboard partitions are also a more cost efficient alternative to corrugated partitions. Like corrugated and solid bleach sulfite, all chipboard products are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable.

Calibers (thickness)

Chipboard partitions are available in a wide range of board thicknesses, called calibers. These calibers range from .018″ to .060″ in single ply and from .070″ to .200″ in pasted or multi-ply forms. Box partition strength and flexibility depends heavily on the chipboard’s caliber. Thin calibers create standard protection, while mid-grade calibers offer greater rigidity and stacking strength. Thicker caliber chipboard materials (i.e. Pasted / multi-ply) are extremely strong, used primarily for heavy products. All calibers are in stock at all times.


Regular chipboard partition material can be used for many products that do not require special coatings. However, chipboard partition material is also available with a smooth finish and poly coat. These finishes provide additional protection to more fragile products which may be susceptible to scratching and scuffing. Both finishes also have significantly less lint allowing customers to pack and deliver a much cleaner product. Solid black board is also offered and used typically for fine chocolates and other delicacies. All finishes are in stock at all times.


Chipboard partitions offer a variety of optional features including “V” notches, locking dies, “S” notches, and half moon notches. The use of these features enhances the “performance” of the box partition. Orientation and corner cuts can be created to ease the insertion of the box partition into cartons. Locking mechanisms are used to firmly hold a partition together prior to insertion into the carton. Half moons allow the customer to grasp the product and remove it from the packaging quickly and efficiently. Finally, stamping / printing of customer logos, recyclable symbols or other message content can be placed on chipboard partitions.


Chipboard partitions work very well with awkward product shapes and sizes. Chipboard partitions can be designed for any standard or custom carton size. Air cells (empty cells around the outside perimeter of the partition matrix) function as an extra level of support/protection for delicate products. Chipboard partitions lengths and widths range from 1 to 50 inches, and heights from 13/16 to 16 inches. Cell sizes can be as small as 3/8″ x 3/8″. General Partition design engineers are always on hand to help create new packs, revise old ones, and to answer any and all questions.


All chipboard partitions arrive assembled and collapsed. Customers simply need to open up the partition and place it in their carton. The assembled partitions will arrive at your dock packed in corrugated cartons. The cartons will be labeled with the description, quantity, customer P.O. #, manufacturing date and any other markings the customer desires.


general-partition-chipboard-img-01Partitions manufactured with fiberboard offer a number of advantages over corrugated cardboard, including cost, reduced storage space, and overall containers size

general-partition-chipboard-img-01Locking feature securely holds assembled partitions together during the insertion process

general-partition-chipboard-img-01Half Moon feature makes inserting and removing products from the box / partition easier.

general-partition-chipboard-img-01Customers simply need to open up the partition, and place it in their carton.

general-partition-chipboard-img-01Custom printing is also available.