Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.

General Partition – The Perfect, Preferred Choice for Breweries Nationwide

Brewing is a time consuming and extremely intricate process. Everything in brewing is a science and the shipping aspect of the business is no different. Nothing will upset a brewer more than finding out their product has been ruined due to damage sustained during the shipping process. We’ve all heard about how European beers lose some of their freshness during the shipping process, and that’s inevitable. However, you can definitely reduce the impact of shipping on brewed items with proper shipping and box partitions from The General Partition Company. We are a premier choice for breweries needing exceptional shipping nationwide.

Basic Things You Should Know

It’s illegal to ship alcohol through the United States Postal Service – At the very least, if you’re not using your own shipping company, send your beer through FedEx or UPS and avoid any kind of legal situation, regardless of how severe it might be considered.

Don’t just prevent breakage, prevent and provide safeguards against potential leaks – Shipping companies have strict rules about leaking packages, and if one of your beer bottles breaks during shipment and begins to leak through your packaging, the package may get “thrown away” by the shipping company, even if it’s only one broken bottle. Whether you’re sending the product to your family, friends or customers, a tossed package means a lot of unnecessary stress.

Don’t Talk About it Unless Asked – If the shipping company specifically asks about the contents of your shipment, by all means, be forthcoming. However, silence is sometimes golden and you do not need to advertise that you are shipping high quality brewed products. Horror stories about missing products are not unheard of, as temptation has a way of over-ruling the desire to adhere to job responsibilities. Don’t add to that statistic, only disclose information when necessary.

Have all your materials in the beginning – Get your partitions from us and your other packing materials ready before you start—you don’t want to give a half-effort to the last of your product because of insufficient materials. Make sure you have enough packaging and partitions to go around!

General Partition Company – Thinking Inside and Outside of the Box

Having stated the importance of having all your packaging materials in the right place at the right time, we won’t leave you hanging. Come to us, the General Partition Company for all of your various partitions for your brewery and brewed products.

Interior Box Packaging – As the name may indicate, these are the partitions or separators that exist within the boxing and packaging of products. We have a wide variety of box packaging options for products of varying weights and heights. These products are strong and absorptive so you don’t have to worry about botched packaging endeavors.

Box Separators – We also provide box separators constructed from chipboard and Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS). These products are extremely strong and can be constructed in a wide variety of calibers (thicknesses) and finishes. We follow exact specifications to help develop a shipping and partition solution perfect for each of our clients. We also offer label and logo printing on our partitions for each particular client.

Remember, all of our partitions are comprised of 100% recycled materials. In addition to this, the products are recycled themselves. The environment is always on our minds as we are moving forward into the future, and we know that the world has changed a lot since James Houseman Senior founded General Partition in May 1965.

Bad Partitions? No Thanks!

Bad partitions are not worth the money you will save on them—we promise. Each time a cheap or DIY partition is used, you are risking losing the product you spent so much time crafting, brewing, fermenting and bottling. Don’t let that happen to you— shipping companies really do get rid of leaky packages. Whether they end up in someone’s fridge or the garbage; that, we don’t know.

Serving More than Beer Brewers – We Help Bottlers, Period.

Our strong, cost-efficient and personalized partitions are a wonderful choice for any brewer, whether they are a commercial brewer, a home-brewer or a microbrewer. However, we effectively create partitions to ship an assortment of fragile products. Aside from liquors and wines, we’ll also develop partitions to help with glassware, jars and much more. Just ask us today to see how we can help your shipping efforts.

We’ve been providing quality partitions to our clientele for decades. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services at 1.888.501.4685. You can also direct any questions, comments or concerns to us by e-mail at We hope that you find the perfect shipping solution for your project.


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