Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.



Solid Bleach Sulfite, or SBS, combines all the benefits of chipboard plus contains a unique coating that provides any number of advantages. This material is a bleached white board. SBS is available in an array of different calibers and finishes. These calibers and finishes are chosen based on customer products and specific qualifications. Like chipboard and corrugated, SBS can be used for interior box packaging applications, such as partitions, pads and specialty die cuts.


Solid Bleach Sulfite is available in different variety of calibers, or board thickness. Calibers for all finishes vary from .018″ to .024″. Clay Coated 1 Side SBS is also available in .010″. All calibers are in stock at all times.


Unlike corrugated partitions, Solid Bleach Sulfite comes in a variety of finishes, each with a wide range of benefits. Finishes include Clay Coat SBS, Poly Coat, and Milk Board. Each finish helps control lint by creating a very clean partition, pad, or specialty die cut, and is well suited for customer products that are apt to scratching and scuffing. All SBS finishes are suitable to be used in close contact with food due to their clean appearance and top quality coatings. Printing and embossing can also be used on all SBS finishes. Poly Coat, which contains a brilliant white gloss, and Milk Board also have the ability to be water and grease resistant. All finishes are in stock at all times.


Solid Bleach Sulfite box partitions come with a diverse array of optional features. These features help create a partition best suited for customers needs. Features include “V” notches, locking dies, “S” notches, and half moon dies. These notches, along with the half moon die, are used to create orientation notches and corner cuts. The benefit of these cuts is to allow for easier insertion of the box partition into customer cartons. Locking dies are used to securely hold a partition together, enhancing its durability. Half moon cuts give the customer the ability to take hold of and remove their product from the box partition quickly and more efficiently. Stamping customer logos, recyclable symbols, and other message content is available on all Solid Bleach Sulfite partitions and pads.


Solid Bleach Sulfite partitions are well apt for awkward product shapes and sizes. Partitions are sized to fit any standard and custom carton. Air cells are designed to add extra protection for fragile products. Air cells are simply empty cells around the perimeter of the partition. SBS partitions lengths range from as small as 1″ to as large as 36″. Heights range from 13/16″ to 12″. Cell sizes can be as small as 3/8″ x 3/8″. Engineers are always available to create new packs, revise old packs, and to answer any and all questions.


All SBS partitions will arrive assembled and collapsed. Customers simply need to open the partition and place it in their carton. The assembled partitions will arrive at your dock packed in corrugated cartons. The cartons will be labeled with the description, quantity, customer P.O.#, manufacturing date and any other markings the customer desires.


general-partition-chipboard-img-01SBS box partitions offer a cleaner (reduced lint) product and added product protection using various finishes.

general-partition-chipboard-img-01Specialty die cuts offer many options.