Since 1965, General Partition Co.
has provided quality chipboard, SBS and corrugated box partitions, on time and at competitive prices.

The Mark of Good Partitions

You should trust the best when it comes to shipping your merchandise. Merchandise that breaks before it reaches the vendor is of no use to the manufacturer, especially in the case of liquid goods, where the entire package can be disposed of by a shipping and mailing company if it’s wet. If you’re in the medical industry, bad shipping can even result in a product being rejected altogether. None of these things are good, and that’s why we want to explain to you, right here and now, the mark of a good partition.

Durability – It’s important that you get partitions that not only have the correct cell size, but made with the right board for your particular product as well. Our SBS, Chipboard and corrugated partitions are extremely durable and stress tested so that we understand just how strong they are. We’ve specially designed these partitions to accommodate a wide variety of products, from perishables to glassware and pharmaceuticals.

Chipboard vs. Corrugated – It’s important that you get partitions made from the most effective materials for your particular product, while staying cost effective as well. If you’re a brewer, glassware manufacturer or manufacturer of any small parts, then you understand how easy it is for something to break during shipping. That being said, you do not always need to use corrugated partitions to protect your goods. Our corrugated partitions are tough, shock-resistant and are also capable of absorbing liquid in a pinch, but are often used in situations where a more cost effective chipboard solution would be better suited for the product. We always strive to provide the best protection while using the most cost effective solution. We evaluate every project and recommend the best option for the customer every time.

Debris/Dirt Resistance – Especially in the case of shipping medical devices and pharmaceutical products, it’s extremely important to use partitions that are as clean as possible, so that dust, dirt and other particles can’t build up on the partitions and risk dirtying the product. Our solid bleach sulfite partitions are perfect for this, as they are “poly coated” and or “clay coated”, in order to deter particles from sticking to their surface. SBS partitions are also white in color, giving a much cleaner aesthetically pleasing look to the partition.

Scalability – You don’t want to go to a protective packaging company that has a one-size fits all approach to their partitions. We manufacture our partitions from scratch and, regardless of the style you choose, you’ll be able to pick a personalized solution that specifically meets your needs. All of our partitions are made custom to provide the perfect fit and highest level of protection for the product. Custom sizes without the die charge you see with other packaging materials.

We hope this advice will help you in the future. Don’t accept anything less than the best for your product—you’ve sunk a lot of money into developing it and you don’t want bad shipping to ruin your investment. Contact us today for more details on the benefits our box partitions and SBS partitions offer.

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